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Just One More Dip
"There are certain meals that seem almost naked when not coupled with some sort of extra zing. Much like a fine wine, there are foods that pair well with a partner. For us at Double Dip, that missing piece to the food puzzle is the sauce. Whether its ranch on your fries, tzatziki on your flat bread or mustard on your pretzel, we get it.
Individuality In Sauce
This catalog displays the diversity of sauce and the availability of customization in each unique type. Double Dip, was created when the founder, instead of using a white sauce for his homemade pizza, used a garlic ranch instead. It was a hit. This introduction of sauce into other avenues of eating set the groundwork for further exploration. The adventurousness of others and the flexibility that sauces have within our own means, are key assets. Double Dip wants sauce/dips not to just be a second thought after you order, or a packet in at the bottom of your kitchen drawer, but more of a spark of ideation and creativity. Double Dip takes the mundane and makes it marvelous.
Details in the sauce
The design focused on the whimsy of sauce packets yet the funky colors of adventurous eating. The Double Dip catalog was refined to showcase how important sauces are to the company yet have play-on-word design aspects speckled through each page. The app that followed was meant to have a simple interface yet a similar voice to the lightheartedness of the catalog. 
Quick Dipper
Dipper app is created to tie in with Double Dip’s ordering catalog/recipe guidance and leave a bit of customization to the customer. In theory, the Dipper app will build a community of sauce officianatos. The user is able to utilize the entire Double Dip sauce inventory and create new flavors by mixing and changing levels of the blends. The inspiration of Dipper stems from my personal flavor creations I make whilst eating with sauces. Some food experiences can be elevated with just a bit of flavor alterations and with Dipper, you have those at your disposal.

Other Work

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