My intentions for this typology centered around the commentary of consumption of product through the small commodity of the condiment packet. There is a easy accessibility of these sauces promoting the ideal of waste and hoarding. Presenting these in a large number not only was important to the concept of consumerism but also pushes the importance of ownership for these food-chained establishments.
Presenting these sauces in a “specimen” type of layout pushes this concept of how there is a almost a preciousness to them that reflects how most of the advertising companies see their audiences. Each packet is somewhat uniform in its design yet is very particular to its brand origin. There is a catering to consumer identity when these sauces are distributed and a focus on the individuality of meals despite the majority of these restaurants falling under the “fast food” group.
The process of conveying these abundance of sauces in a pleasant manner was intuitive due to their obvious design and my possible unconscious connection I have to them. I consider myself a sauce person and often like formatting my meals with a particular sauce which despite the health issues, promotes the originality of typical bland fast-food meal. A majority of these fast-food restaurants compete with one another so why not cater to the public’s gravitation of unique taste and need for originality and pair the food with ” trademark sauces”
Despite the undertones of advertising control and marketing values these packets hold, there is a sense of whimsicality that I find interesting. They are unique, they are colorful. I found those traits endearing and opted to let the sauces shine. The process of the typology with that idea in mind catered to my own sense of collecting and appreciation for items of individuality. The intent deviated from the final production but that duality of representation was important for me because that showcased my perspective throughout this piece.
Photography and Material Provided by: Melissa Soco 

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