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Sun Out, Parks Out
Micro Parks combines the experience of exploring the outdoors with the interactive nature of any handheld device. Teaming up with a several of the United States State Parks, Micro Parks will simeotaneously teach users about conservation, local flora, and fauna and park significance all with the ingenuity of your phone. The design for a mobile game that kept the user involved in conservation was interesting and proper for the time of age we live in. Mobile games are addictive and tends to span several demographics; why not harness that by creating an app that pushes audience to investigate real world landmarks. 
Ranger Time
Micro Parks puts you in charge of your own State Park that has been neglected for some time. Your objective is to keep it clean and facilitate healthy spaces for local wildlife, plants and even visitors. Earning points with keep your park clean will allow you to expand your park by adding land, native critters or landmarks you would like to see within your own customizable park.
A trail into reality
Not only will you be able to digitally traverse other people’s pristine parks and share items; if you play the game within the confines of an actual park, you are reward with limited objects and items only particular to that park. Traveling gets you better items and you are able to experience parks around the country on two different levels.

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